Meet Greg

Meet Greg, Kelly, and their children

Greg Varner, age 36, is seeking to become your Senator for the Alabama State Senate, District 13.

Greg earned his undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech where he studied economics, international policy, and city planning. He graduated from Regent University School of Law in Virginia with his law degree.
Greg Varner for Alabama Senate and Family

After law school, Greg married Kelly Jackson. He began his career in Randolph County as an associate attorney with a firm in Roanoke. He then opened his own law firm in Ashland in 2000, where he has since represented thousands of individuals, small businesses, family farms, and local governments throughout East Alabama. Greg has developed a reputation within the legal community for his integrity, work-ethic, and knowledge of the law.

Greg and Kelly reside in Clay County with their three daughters: Karis, Emma Kate, and Bailey. While raising three girls between the ages of eight and four keeps them busy, they both remain active members of the community by participating in community service clubs, coaching little league sports, and serving in faith-based organizations.

Visit my campaign website at My main campaign office is located on the Square in Ashland, Alabama. Our mailing address is Post Office Box 355 Ashland, Alabama 36251 and you can reach us by phone at 256-354-5464 or by email to To get involved with the campaign, visit this page on our website.


One response to “Meet Greg

  1. Thank you for being the kind of Democrat that we can support. I am just sorry you are not in my district. Please stand on your beliefs, stick to your values and continue to support and fight for the good, hard working people who are the foundation of our state.

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