Thank you.

And when I rise, let me rise Like a bird, joyfully-
And when I fall, let me fall Like a leaf,
gracefully, without regrets.

-Wendell Berry, Let Me Rise

While deeply disappointed in the results of the election, Kelly and I have no regrets. An old Puritan preacher once wrote: “Duty is Ours, Results are God’s.” We campaigned with all our heart, all our might, and all our strength; we fought a good fight.

Kelly and I have great peace with the outcome. Despite the biggest partisan wave in Alabama history, we only lost by 309 votes out of 37,029 cast. So, we take great encouragement that our new vision and idea for Alabama resonated with our people. A clear, principled, and responsible platform, in deed, can create a political impact.

Thank you to the people of District 13. I count it a great honor and privilege to have been a candidate to represent you in the State Senate. I am humbled by the support and encouragement that you showed me and my family. We have met so many bossom-friends and I look forward to continuing our friendships in the years to come.

To all who knocked on doors, phone-banked, suggested us on Facebook, put out yard-signs, and otherwise dedicated yourselves to us: as I write this with tears of endearment, I thank my God every time I remember you. Through your partnership, you share in this victory of ours. Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I say: Rejoice!

To the People of Clay County: I want to give you a special word of thanks. While I was raised in Georgia, you have embraced me as one of your own. When I go about, I am proud to report that I am “from” Clay County. I would raise my eighth-generation Clay Countian children in no other place. On Tuesday, your support surprised all of us. We never imagined we could “win” Clay County, much less expect to earn as much as 56% of your votes.  So again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I am still convinced that our State needs leadership which transcends worn-out labels and stale talking-points. I call on our people to be not conformed to the partisan principles of the past which have numbed our spiritual senses and blinded our foresight. Let us transform our thinking. Let us nurture anew a vision of the common good and a commitment that politics is everyone’s responsibility.

I still believe that politics is a noble calling. I am committed that politics is simply loving our neighbors as our self; serving the whole of  the community and our posterity.

Although the Lord has closed this door, Kelly and I remain committed that we are called into politics, just maybe not as an elected minister right now. We will continue the search and fight for public justice in other ways.

Greater things are yet to come and  greater things are yet to be done in this great State. We can become the people we have told our children that we are.


4 responses to “Thank you.

  1. What a beautiful response, Greg. I know you and Kelly aren’t done yet! I wish we lived there and could vote for you, but you will always have our support. Love you guys!

  2. I hope that you will pick-up where you left off in the next cycle. We need good young leaders in Montgomery. May God bless you and your family in the coming days and months.

  3. Greg and Kelly, Thank you! For putting yourselves out there. So many are willing to complain about their elected officials but would never take the step you did to help our great state. For the sacrifices you have made to give us a choice. For everything you did to make a positive difference. I look forward to the future. You and your family are very precious to us all.
    I love you, Kim Benefield

  4. Sorry to hear you lost, friend. And yet, God is not finished with you yet.


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