Here is the rest of the story: (“Greg sued his own city”)

Gerald Dial loves this one. He and his supporters proclaim it through anonymous posts cards and the PAC bought radio shows.

Here is the rest of the story:

I did represent the former Ashland Chief of Police in his claims against the city of Ashland for hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime. I believe, and still argue, that he is entitled to overtime compensation because of the type of duties he performed.  The City, of course, disputes these claims.  Both sides have persuasive legal arguments and the matter remains in litigation before the Circuit Court of Clay County.

My advocacy in this case was not popular but I thought my client’s claims had legal merit.

If you want just another politician that is afraid to offend the powerful, do not send me to Montgomery.

We need people in the State Senate who make decisions on principle and not what is politically expedient. We need statesmen and stateswomen that cannot be bought and will stand for the common good and justice. We need advocates that will fight for small businesses, family farms, world-class schools and local communities. As I stated in my announcement speech, I will model my role in the State Senate after the Roman tribune. The tribune was the member of the  ancient Roman Senate whose only job was the protect and defend the little people and their rights.

P.S.: The “We’ve been sued” postcard asks what could we have done with $20,000 involved in this suit for the City. I ask: how could the $376,745.70 paid to Gerald Dial from January 2007 until March 2010 to create rural jobs have been better spent since; under his watch, we led the nation in rural job loss by losing 66,501 rural jobs, 11.65% of the work-force?


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