Here is the rest of the story: (“Greg sued and shut down a hotel in Roanoke.”)

Perhaps you have heard Gerald Dial condemn me because I “sued a hotel in Roanoke and ran it out of business.” Therefore, I really cannot really be a supporter of small businesses. I would like to provide the details he left out.

Here is the rest of the story: First, I did represent a lady who was a desk clerk at a hotel in Roanoke.  Her employer maintained an out-going mail box for guests ; of course, employees at the hotel used this mail box, too. The owner/manager of the hotel would secretly remove the mail out of the box, open it and read it. My client wrote several intimate letters to her boyfriend in South Carolina and placed these in the mail box. Of course, the owner opened these letters, read them, showed them to co-employees, copied them, and showed them to friends and family of my client in the community.

When my client found out, she brought suit against the owners and business for invasion of privacy. A jury of Randolph citizens returned a verdict in her favor. I was proud to represent my client and I believe her award was just and equitable.

As I stated before:

You will regularly hear me argue that the principles of Christianity apply more broadly than a few  social issues.  I am convinced that one specific area that those principles apply is workplace. As part of their obligation to pursue stewardship, businesses and corporations must treat their workers with basic human dignity within the workplace. Workers cannot be treated as just simply another “cost of production,” rather they are persons made in the image of God worthy of decent and honest treatment.

If Mr. Dial wants to align himself with abusive employers, that is fine with me. The people of district 13 can be assured that I will fight for justice  and stewardship in Montgomery for employees and small businesses.


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