Thanks Melody.

To the Editor:
This letter is in support of a dear friend and former colleague whose kindness and generosity earned my appreciation and loyalty long before he ever thought of running for political office. I write this to let others know who and what Greg Varner truly is, and isn’t. Thank you for taking a moment to read

I was working as a prosecutor in Randolph County when Greg came to Roanoke to practice law. It was my experience with him then that he was a zealous
advocate for his clients, yet with the kind of integrity all officers of the court
should exhibit. He never made arguments that shaded the truth, but was at
all times respectful to the court and his opponents, while representing his
client’s interest within the bounds of law and with honor.

It was for all those reasons that when I decided to go into private practice for a
period of time, I chose to practice with Greg. His was a small family practice, not
one bringing in thousands of dollars in large civil verdicts. It was, and is, a practice like most small town lawyers. We handled a few divorces, represented
DHR in child custody matters, juveniles in juvenile courts and local government
bodies and did our share of property and probate matters. That was the bulk of
the practice. Anyone who knows Greg knows he isn’t some ambulance chasing
vulture as his opponent would have everyone believe. That is why I write this
letter. To let you know the truth.

Greg Varner is what his ads describe, and I, and my family, are thankful that he
is. As some reading this may know, I was in practice with Greg when my family
suffered a financial setback due to my health. Greg and Kelly Varner were the
hands and feet of Christ for us in those terribly difficult and frightening days.
They gave until it hurt, and asked others to help them do the same, which gave
me and Eddy time to think and prepare for what lay ahead. I’m not sure they’d
want you to know, but you should, because Greg would do that for you,
too, whoever you are. That is just the kind of person he is.
He has a heart of compassion for the personal struggles of others. He is just
the kind of person we all should want in public office — an intelligent, hardworking young man who seeks good for others and does so within the bounds of law and with honor.

It is for all those reasons that I support

Greg Varner for Senator of Alabama Senate District 13.

Melody Ridings Baldwin, Wadley


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