Fact or Fiction: (“Greg took money from Ron Gilley”)

Gerald Dial is falsely claiming through the mail, newspapers, and televisions that I received money from Ron Gilley

As was reported in the Decatur Times, these monies from Gilley did not come to me or my campaign; rather they were directed to now-indicted Republican Senator Harri Anne Smith.

According to the indictment unsealed Monday, four $50,000 checks were mailed from Houston County — the site of Gilley’s casino — to four different Huntsville PACs on March 24 . . .The ultimate destination of the checks, according to the indictment, was state Sen. Harri Anne Smith, a former Republican three-term senator running as an Independent in a re-election contest. She also was indicted Monday.

People have often asked me if I have been surprised by the negativity of the campaign and I respond that I have not. What has surprised me is the audacity of Gerald Dial; he will truly say anything.

For instance, as part of these lies,  Gerald Dial calls me a “special interest pawn from gambling bosses.” However, Gerald Dial was the leader of the “gambling industry’s other puppet legislators within the State Senate. In fact, he was so committed to the casino bosses that, in May 2001 , the Birmingham News editorial described Dial as “the toadie of the dog track owners who barks out whatever he’s told to do.”

His record solidly supports these descriptions.

  • In 1999, Dial wrote a bill that would have added a $52 tax on every taxpayer as part of a mandatory state raffle which would have forced every Alabamian to participate in a gambling scheme.
  • In 1999-2000, he failed to oppose a single pro-gambling bill (out of twelve) that created lotteries and practical monopolies for the casino bosses;
  • In 2000, Dial helped gambling interests by supporting HB 867 to cut the tax on wagers at Alabama’s dog tracks from 1.0% to 0.5%. During late-night Senate-floor debate, Dial said he was concerned that the dog tracks were being “taxed to death.”
  • In 2001, Dial actually sponsored SB 461 which allowed Alabama dog tracks to have an actual monopoly of video poker machines.
  • In 2004, he sponsored even legislation called “Bingo Bucks for the Bosses Bill” which was described by conservative State Senators as “dishonest, discriminatory and diabolical.”  Bob Riley’s State Finance Director Drayton Nabors stated that the bill would have been a “windfall” for dog track owners.
  • Even as far back as 1996, Dial was advocating for gambling’s special interests by sponsoring other of their legislation. At the time, Dial bragged that the “only opposition he has had so far is from ‘some Baptist preachers and anti-gambling people.’”
  • And he approved more 1999 as well.
  • Unbelievably, this is not all of his attempts to “expand gambling in Alabama.”

Ask Gerald Dial:

  • how much money he has taken from indicted casino-boss Milton McGregor, indicted lobbyist Tom Coker and his PACs, indicted lobbyist Bob Geddie and his PACS over the years. (Hint: Six Figures)
  • why did he resign as co-Chairman of TIF PAC on Friday, October 1 (Hint: His fellow co-Chair, Jim Preuit, was indicted on Monday, October 4)



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