Candidate Greg Varner Responds to Gambling Arrests, Ties Dial To Special Interests

For Immediate Release
October 8, 2010

Ashland, Al – Greg Varner said this week’s arrests of elected officials were a perfect example of why career politicians, including his opponent Gerald Dial, need to be reminded by voters that state senators work for the people and not the special interests.

“This is the reason why I’m running,” Varner said.  “People who spend most of their lives in Montgomery become part of the problem.  They forget why voters sent them there and they become deaf to the voters’ concerns.”  Varner said Gerald Dial is a part of that system and has been for the past 36 years.

“In the three decades Dial was in Montgomery, Dial sponsored a bill making it mandatory that everyone participate in a state lottery and contribute $1 per week, regardless of their moral convictions.  He tried to pass another gambling bill that was called a ‘windfall for the dog track owners’, and that owner was indicted Monday. He’s part of the system and his votes show it.”

Varner said Dial didn’t deliver on jobs and taxes either. “Dial not only supported virtually every gambling bill.  He also sponsored a tax increase that would have been the largest in our state’s history and would have put a severe burden on Alabama families and small businesses.  When Dial was put in charge of creating rural jobs, Alabama lost more than 66,000 rural jobs and unemployment in this district went up 274%.”

“Voters want someone who will get the job done. They want someone who will create jobs, give the same tax breaks to small businesses that they give to the big corporations, and support our public schools, and that’s what I’ll fight for when I’m in Montgomery.”


2 responses to “Candidate Greg Varner Responds to Gambling Arrests, Ties Dial To Special Interests

  1. Your statements are so true. People deserve to have someone in office that truly wants to make this world a better place to live, someone that is interested in helping those in need and someone that has a moral compass. Greg Varner is that someone!

  2. Laura Montgomery

    Amen! Education will set you free, gambling is magical thinking and destroys families, communities, and causes people to drift away from all that is good. The gambling fiasco is an embarrassment to all Alabamians but it’s the reality of how one industry can take so eagerly and greedy for their own self intreats and for the benefit of only a few. It’s decisive and breaks down all the values this great country was built upon. We’ve drifted way to far off the principles and the fundamentals of democracy. Don’t know if Mr Dial became entrapped with all these political action groups that crossed the line of buying our State Representatives votes, but I do know for a fact it would be a miracle if he was able to insulate himself from this heinous acts after being in State Politics in Montgomery for so long. Fact two, I know Mr. Varner and he would never, “in good consciousness”, allow the greedy to influence his actions. Mr. Varner is a man of incredible faith, wisdom, and good consciousness and would never sell us out for his own simple personal gains

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