Greg’s Press Response to False Attack

Hearing Loss In Montgomery at Epidemic Level

For Immediate Release: September 23, 2010  


Media Contact 


Media Contact

Media Contact

Kelly Varner: 256-354-5464 (

Ashland, Al –– Gerald Dial’s campaign, along with the AL GOP, has raised eyebrows recently for incorrectly attacking candidate Greg Varner’s financial disclosure forms, leading some to question whether Dial’s attacks are a symptom of his 36 years in Montgomery politics.

Greg Varner responded to the release, saying, “This is untrue.  We have followed the campaign disclosure laws.  In fact, Dial’s political disclaimers and disclosure forms list in-kind contributors in the same way.”  Varner said the unfounded attack was typical of career politicians.

“Incumbent Mike Hubbard and 36-year career politician Gerald Dial are suffering from the same symptoms that other incumbents and career politicians are suffering from, and that is a severe loss of hearing.  They can’t hear the voters of Senate District 13,” Varner said. 

“I would expect nothing less from Gerald Dial. Rather than provide any new ideas or solutions for struggling families—like job creation, tax cuts for small businesses, treating small businesses the same way we treat the large corporations, improving public education, and improving the infrastructure in District 13—Gerald Dial wants to talk about filling out government forms.  And even then, he can’t get his facts straight.”

“Gerald Dial certainly does not want to talk about the 66,501 rural jobs lost in Alabama, which led the nation, while he was paid over $376,000 in his political job to create rural jobs.”

“This election is about jobs and it’s about people,” Varner added.  “It’s not about incumbents or career politicians, and when I go to Montgomery I’ll fight to help improve the lives of my neighbors in District 13 by bringing a new voice with new ideas.”


One response to “Greg’s Press Response to False Attack

  1. Go Greg!!! Go Varner!!

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