Authenticity and Honesty in Campaigns

My opponent has run a negative campaign from day one. Nevertheless, he has continued to request voters to “ask me” why I did not sign a “No Negative Campaigning Pledge.”  The reason is simple;  I believe  “HONESTY” and authenticity are important in campaigns.

So when Gerald Dial now represents to the Christian Coalition and Eagle Forum groups that “he oppose[s] all effort to expand gambling,” I will remind them that Gerald Dial was the leader of the “gambling industry’s other puppet legislators” within the State Senate. In fact, he was so committed to the casino bosses that, in May 2001 , the Birmingham News editorial described Dial as “the toadie of the dog track owners who barks out whatever he’s told to do.”

His record solidly supports these descriptions.

  • In 1999, Dial wrote a bill that would have added a $52 tax on every taxpayer as part of a mandatory state raffle which would have forced every Alabamian to participate in a gambling scheme.
  • In 1999-2000, he failed to oppose a single pro-gambling bill (out of twelve) that created lotteries and practical monopolies for the casino bosses;
  • In 2001, Dial actually sponsored SB 461 which allowed Alabama dog tracks to have an actual monopoly of video poker machines.
  • In 2004, he sponsored even legislation called “Bingo Bucks for the Bosses Bill” which was described by conservative State Senators as “dishonest, discriminatory and diabolical.”  Bob Riley’s State Finance Director Drayton Nabors stated that the bill would have been a “windfall” for dog track owners.
  • Even as far back as 1996, Dial was advocating for gambling’s special interests by sponsoring other of their legislation. At the time, Dial bragged that the “only opposition he has had so far is from ‘some Baptist preachers and anti-gambling people.'”
  • And he approved more 1999 as well.
  • Unbelievably, this is not all of his attempts to “expand gambling in Alabama.”

Dial is also running against his own record on taxes as well. When Dial in 2010 declares to the tea parties how he has “a solid record of . . .fighting against tax increases,” I will point out that he not only voted for but sponsored, the largest tax and spending increase in Alabama history, not once but twice in 2003 and 2004.  And by way of further example, he also sponsored other tax increases, as well.

I did not sign the pledge because some will consider this “negative campaigning.” However,  I believe  he should not be allowed, without rebuttal, to campaign as something completely contrary to his thirty-two year record in the State Senate.


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