Why no goals for renewable energy sources in the South?

According to this article, “renewable energy installations in the U.S. nearly tripled between 2000 and 2008.”  However according to the interactive map, no state in the South, except North Carolina, has set any goals for diversifying our energy production. (Alabama does generate 2.3% of its energy from renewable sources.)

In my opinion, we can never be dependent on limited sources of energy again. Resilience demands a great diversification of source and production. According to King Solomon, “Give a portion to seven, or even to eight, for you know not what disaster may happen on earth.” Ecclesiastes 11:2

Again, this is also good for our local economies and job creation. As I referenced here,

The United States is currently importing about 70 percent of its renewable energy systems and components,” said Phil Angelides, chairman of the Apollo Alliance. “If that trend continues, we stand to lose out on estimated 100,000 clean energy manufacturing jobs by 2015, and nearly 250,000 by 2030.


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