Korea nears Gigabit Broadband. Did you just covet?

Good news: Average US broadband speed has now reached 4.7 Mbps, up from 3.9 Mbps last year, according to Akamai’s first quarter report.

Bad news: the rest of the world is nearing Gigabit speed according to this article. That is over 200 times faster than the US average.

In fact, Korea is on par to have universal Gigabit speed by 2012, according to this report. (Korean citizens can get 100Mbit service now.)

Japan KDDI is offering the Hikari One Home Gigabit broadband at the price of ¥5460 (RM198) a month using the Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) technology.

In Hong Kong, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (HKBN) is offering Gigabit broadband at the price of US$27 per month.

South Korea is also among the countries with the fastest broadband service, and the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) is currently working on plans to make Gigabit broadband available by the end of 2012 with FTTH.

Singapore is working on their Next Generation National Broadband Network, and OpenNet is going to offer Gigabit broadband at the price of S$15 per month per residential fibre connection.

With Gigabit broadband, watching High Definition IPTV is not a big deal, not to mention having very clear IP-phone service or excellent video conferencing quality.

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, the so-called high speed broadband UniFi offered by TM is only up to 20Mbps (50 times slower than Gigabit network), priced at RM249 per month, and currently only available in very limited areas only.


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