Some national blog coverage of our campaign

The campaign received some encouraging national coverage from the Front Porch Republic blog in an article entitled: Of Money and Mouths by Jacksonville State Professor Jeff Taylor. The article discusses several candidates/campaign  which defy traditional labels like Russ Feingold and Rand Paul. He wrote:

If you want to think locally and if you believe that charity begins at home, consider Greg Varner of Alabama.  First off, he’s one of us!  Yes, a regular reader of Front Porch Republic.  He’s the real deal.  Varner is running for the state senate to represent a portion of northeast Alabama.  Our state could use more legislators in Montgomery who care about the common good and honest governance. Varner is an attorney who is making his first run for office.  He earned his law degree from Regent University, founded by Pat Robertson.

Varner may be an underdog.  He has the support of the incumbent Democratic senator, who is retiring, but he faces a former senator in the general election.  Greg Varner is a Democrat, but he’s an Alabama Democrat, which means he’s pro-life and pro-marriage.  On his website, he writes, “Because I propose a new vision for Alabama which emanates from our common convictions, I hope to bridge party lines as a conservative Democrat.  We must recognize that neither major political party has a monopoly on ‘righteousness’ and neither party exclusively represents Christians.  Faithful Christians can and do work within each party.  I am committed to the causes dear to many of you: protection of the unborn, preservation of traditional marriage, safeguarding of religious liberty, and conservation of the Second Amendment.  Many of my convictions, though, concerning public justice, solidarity, and stewardship are more closely aligned to the principles of the Alabama Democratic Party.”

I urge you to go to Greg Varner’s website ( to see a real-world example of FPR values in the political arena.  Take some time to read the thoughtful essays he has penned under Issues.  There aren’t many candidates who quote T.S. Eliot and Abraham Kuyper on their web pages.  The great thing about Greg is that he’s not a fringe candidate.  He has a real chance of winning.  Please consider donating some money.  Remember that every dollar in a local election goes much further than in elections at higher levels.


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