Report Card on Education

The National Assessment of Educational Progress results were released this week. This report is a report card of sorts for our nation’s schools. Once again, the performance of Alabama schools lag behind the nation.  According to the report cards for fourth grade.

  • Only 28% of Alabama fourth-graders perform at a proficient or higher level.
  • In 2009, Alabama fourth-graders were ranked somewhere between 30th and 40th in the nation.

Sadly, as our children progress in age, their scores and rankings continue to fall. The report card for eighth graders show:

  • The percentage of students in Alabama who performed at or above the NAEP Proficient level was 24 percent in 2009.
  • Alabama eighth graders scored higher than only two other states; we ranked 40-48.

While “jobs, jobs, jobs” has been the mantra of most political campaigns for 2010, perhaps it should be “education, education, education.”


One response to “Report Card on Education

  1. Finally- Education is the key to success. If we cannot see the liberating effects of knowledge and education and make it a priority, we will have failed ourselves and our children’s future. History has proven that there are only two ways out of poverty and crime cycles and that’s education or war. We have a choice. Public education should be the standard of excellence first, then let’s apply these skills to jobs and see how far we can go in that direction.
    The outcome for the individual, the family’s, the social and financial economy on the local area will bloom and boom…Excellent Priority- My hats off to you Mr. Varner-An idea and a way of thinking that actually makes sense and you can get behind with support!

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