Clay County unemployment peaks 19%

Unemployment continues to haunt district 13. According to the January releases from the Department of Industrial Relations, some counties like Clay County, my home, have reached new highs. See the map here.

According to the report, the unemployment figures for District 13 were as follows:

Cherokee County: 11.4%

Cleburne County: 10.4%

Clay County: 19.5%

Randolph County: 15.5%

Chambers County: 18.2%

Lee County: 10.5%


One response to “Clay County unemployment peaks 19%

  1. Manual labor is a very prideful and honorable tradition, however, we just need creative thinking to develop new resources in Clay County to meet the current economic demands. In Clay County I may not have cable TV, however we do have electricity and with that we can run many manufacturing and even hitech. jobs out of the rural areas in addition to farming and agriculture. Maybe a bread manufacturing company that combines the two (agriculture and manual factory’s). It’s a suggestion. Clay Co. has many beautiful aspects, but if you don’t have a job to pay bills, buy food, what good is there in staying put? The value of a good education is priceless in any form- either formal higher education or higher technical training to develop a new set of unique skills. In full support of self starting Clay County back into full employment status so all can enjoy and prosper.

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